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Vinyl Cleaning  

    Vinyl floors are very popular in kitchens and baths and can last for many years. Over time dirt builds up in the "dimples" and can decrease the vinyl's shine. It can be a challenge to remove the ground in dirt using normal household cleaning process. Our state of the art Equipment can remove unwanted soil  and leave the vinyl clean and refreshed for many years of use and return the original shine. Call us today to restore your floor to there "original glory" and free of dirt build-up.

Hardwood Cleaning

  While cleaning your hardwood floors can be real easy on a day to day, week to week basis, Overtime dirt gets worked into the small crevasses & joints that can not be cleaned out with normal household cleaning. Our Certified and professionally trained technicians can while using high-end cleaning products & equipment. This will help remove ground in dirt that can not be removed easily.

  After the cleaning process we can polish your hardwood floors to help bring out the shine that was lost.