Carpet Cleaning

Many People do not look at  the carpet in their home as an investment, however it is just that. So as you would any investment you should take the appropriate steps to protect this investment. We take pride in using the most effective cleaning solutions for your specific type of carpet.

Our fully trained and certified technicians will ensure all manufacture warranty requirements are met. We pay close attention to any spots, stains, odors, and heavy traffic areas that may need additional attention. Our highly advanced truck mount systems will remove tough ground in stain and have your carpet looking and smelling like new.

Area Rug Cleaning

Although it may seem like area rug cleaning process would be the same as the carpet in your home or office, this is NOT the case. Many High End area rugs are constructed of fibers that respond Differently to cleaning than the tradition home & office carpet would. We take the appropriate precautions to ensure your area rug is not damaged in the cleaning process.

A thorough inspection of your area rug will be done to determine the best cleaning method. Most Area rugs must be done in are shop for best results and saefty of the floor it is laying on. With our high-end cleaning products and our professionally certified & trained technicians, your area rug is safe with us

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